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How to Help


Making a donation:

Your generosity makes a significant difference in Waldo County Healthcare, Inc’s ability to fulfill its primary mission: to be the BEST -Better~ Empathy~Service~Teamwork. There are a variety of ways to contribute to the hospital and its affiliates.

Your donation may be designated to:

  1. WCGH’s Annual Fund (Waldo County General Hospital): The Annual Fund is an ongoing campaign that provides support each year for all areas of the organization. Unrestricted contributions may be directed immediately to the areas of greatest need. Contributions may also be designated for a specific department, health center or for a patient assistance fund. Annual donations are important to provide a consistent income and encourage foundation and corporate support by demonstrating far-reaching community participation.
  2. Belfast Public Health Nursing Association (Belfast Public Health Nursing): is a not-for-profit organization that strengthens individual and family health through prevention, education, early intervention, immunizations, emergency supplies and referrals for those in the community whose health and social needs are not covered by other agencies. Contributions allow the purchase of materials, immunizations and services provided by the public health nurse.
  3. Oncology Patient Assistance Fund (Oncology Patient Assistance): was formed by the oncology nurses at Waldo County General Hospital who recognized a need to offer additional resources including financial assistance to cancer patients and their families who are experiencing the stress and expense of cancer treatment. All contributions to this specific-purpose fund go directly to cancer patients’ healthcare expenses.
  4. Mammography Fund (Mammography Fund): enables WCGH to provide free diagnostic mammograms and breast biopsies for those with no insurance and educational material on breast cancer awareness and breast self exams.


Memorial Giving A Memorial Gift is a very thoughtful way to pay lasting tribute to a loved one, friend or relative who has passed away. Your kind gesture also comforts the family at this difficult time, a gesture that helps the lives of others by supporting the health services of a community hospital. Please include the donor’s name(s) and address, the person’s name the gift is in memory of, the designated department to receive the gift, and the relative’s name and address who should receive notification of the gift.

Honor Giving A popular method of honoring an individual’s birthday or the holiday season is to contribute to the hospital or a health center in honor of an individual knowing that such a gift will help others in need. Gifts are acknowledged.

For additional information on making a donation, please contact the Pen Bay Waldo Healthcare Foundation at (207) 921-6713.


Volunteer Opportunities:


Waldo County General Hospital is fortunate to be part of a vibrant, caring community, volunteering time, energy, and financial resources in so many ways.

Who can volunteer?

Our volunteers are people with a desire to help others, a professional attitude and a willingness to learn new things. Waldo County General Hospital’s volunteer program welcomes men and women over the age of 18. Most volunteers donate 4-6 hours a day once or twice a month. Lunch is provided to each volunteer working at least four hours in a day.

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What is the first step?

To become a volunteer or to join the Hospital Aid, our auxiliary group, please call Community Relations for an application, 207-921-6707, give your name and address. A membership fee of $15 per year is required to join the Hospital Aid, which assures that you are notified of all Aid events and receive the hospital’s newsletter.

What does training consist of?

Once your completed application is received, your references will be checked, a background screening will be done, and you will be scheduled for an interview with the Community Relations Coordinator. A packet of information about the Aid and the opportunities for volunteers will be given to you. If you desire to work in the hospital, you are scheduled to attend a mandatory inservice training session (MID) which familiarizes you with the safety, infection control and confidentiality policies and procedures at the hospital. You are also required to have a PPD (test for tuberculosis) and sign documentation concerning your history of mumps, rubella (German measles) and rubeola (measles). After your MID is completed, a committee chairperson will contact you about volunteering in the areas that you have chosen and will provide a tour of the hospital, a name tag, a volunteer jacket and job training. If you only work on events outside of the hospital, you do not have to undergo training.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

While volunteers offer their services free of charge to WCGH, they do receive many benefits. They have a chance to learn new skills while making new friends and developing new interests. Volunteers who work in the hospital also receive a free flu shot. The Aid has monthly membership meetings from September-May with a featured speaker from the hospital staff or community on a healthcare topic, which is very educational. Some meetings are purely for fun such as an auction, a recognition coffee and an annual meeting where members receive an award for reaching a milestone of volunteer hours.


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