Journey to a Healthier You

THE JANUARY TO APRIL SESSION IS FULL.  Please call Hester Kohl at 930-2514 to learn about other programs.

Our hospital will be offering a 16-week group Wednesdays, from 5 – 7 pm, Jan. 7 – April 22. 

You must complete a fasting health screening on Thursday, Dec. 11 (15-minute appointments available between 6:45 – 10:15 am) and weigh-in at the first class on Jan. 7.

Deadline to apply: Wednesday, Dec. 3

This group might be for you if you:

“Journey to a Healthier You” is a program to help the people of Waldo County develop healthier habits and lifestyles. Our goal is to provide the education and group support necessary to start exercising and eating healthier as a lifestyle, not a diet.

Dream your future. Plan action steps.  Get and give support.

What kind of future do you dream for yourself?  This program helps you choose action steps around food and exercise choices that help you move closer to your desired future.  This class is a team approach.  You will receive help, support, and encouragement from a wellness coach and your peers.

In this class, you will:

  • Try a variety of low-impact exercises with our Personal Trainer Mirja Pitkin.
  • Learn about nutrition, sleep, emotional eating, Mindful Eating, and other topics.
  • Create your own personalized wellness plan with our wellness coach Hester Kohl.
  • Gain support in a group of peers focused on long-term health.
  • Learn about choosing and preparing healthier foods through meal planning, a cooking class and taste-testing.

Please note this class contains an exercise component.  We also encourage all participants to exercise on their own, in one of our classes or in other classes.  To help with this journey, we offer a free Move it to Lose it exercise class every week!

This program requires effort.  You must:

  • Record food and exercise daily on “My Fitness Pal” website.  If you do not have regular internet access, we provide a paper log. Logs will be collected each week.
  • Be highly motivated and willing to change your exercise and eating habits.
  • Attend all group meetings plus a fasting health screening on Dec. 11 and 2 other dates TBA in 2015.
  • Weigh-in at first class Jan. 7. A scale is available for those who wish to weigh-in after the first class.
  • Obtain doctor’s approval before participating.
  • Complete homework assignments or readings each week from our course journal and other handouts.
  • Connect with your assigned “buddy” by phone/email twice each week between classes.

Cost: $50

A limited number of need-based scholarships are available.  Please read our Journey to Health Scholarship Policy, and if you qualify, check the box on the interest form to request a scholarship.

Your registration includes:

1) 16 weeks of exercise, nutrition, and cooking classes led by wellness coach Hester Kohl and personal trainer Mirja Pitkin

2) Your own copy of Mirja Pitkin’s exercise DVD with the exercises you will learn in class.

3) 3 fasting health screenings  including:

  • cholesterol
  • triglycerides
  • blood pressure
  • fasting glucose
  • resting heart rate
  • waist circumference
  • height
  • weight
  • BMI

4) Your own copy of “Your Journey to a Healthier Life: Paths of Wellness Guided Journal” by Michael Arloski, our course journal.

Space is limited to 16 participants. For any questions about this program, please contact Hester Kohl at or 930-2514.  If you don’t qualify for our program, or want to start before our next program begins, click here to see our community Weight Loss Resources.

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