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Belfast Public Health Nursing

Ginnie Fanelli RN

Ginnie Fanelli RN is the new Belfast Public Health Nurse


Who are some of the people that were helped during the past year?

  • Community members, teachers, city employees and business employees who were vaccinated.
  • Every new mother and baby in Belfast was offered a home visit including an assessment of the newborn’s growth and parenting resources.
  • Babies, born with their mother’s drug addiction who go through withdrawal during their first weeks in the world, were visited and monitored.
  • Families who needed clothing, food and diapers.
  • People at the local Soup Kitchen received blood pressure checks, diabetes education and smoking cessation materials twice a month.
  • Families who had personal or environmental hygiene problems such as lice and bed bugs.
  • Elderly people who did not quality for home services, but needed help organizing their medications, were afraid to take a bath on their own or needed foot care.
  • A homeless veteran who needed shelter and medical services.

Belfast Public Health Nursing is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation located at 119 Northport Avenue, Belfast.

Telephone: 207-338-3368


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