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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a comprehensive, multi-level program for patients with heart disease. The program offers a variety of services to meet each individual’s needs for increases in exercise capacity, education, counseling, and behavioral change.

Phase I – Begins during the hospitalization period following a cardiac event.

Phase II – The recovery period that follows hospital discharge and extends 6 to 12 weeks to achieve the recommended exercise and lifestyle change goals.

Phase III – Progressive independent and maintenance of Phase II achievements.

The exercise program is tailored to your cardiac condition, your personal ability and goals.

Mary Hanrahan, RN, monitors Barbara Hanscom’s heart as she works on the treadmill.

Equipment available:
• treadmill;
• stationary bicycle;
• arm ergometer;
• recumbent stepper; and
• free weights.

During the exercise sessions, your blood pressure, heart rate, heart rhythm and electrocardiogram are monitored. We also carefully monitor you for any cardiac-related signs or symptoms, affecting your tolerance to exercise.

HeartWorks patient Barbara Hanscom exercises.

As part of your rehabilitation program, you and your family members are invited to attend educational and counseling sessions. Topics are designed to help you better understand coronary disease and improve your own health:

• understanding heart disease;
• recognizing signs and symptoms, knowing when to seek medical attention;
• understanding your cardiac medications;
• resuming daily activities at an appropriate level;
• minimizing risk factors;
• starting a home exercise program;
• stress reduction;
• reducing fat and sodium in your diet;
• cooking and shopping tips;
• weight loss programs;
• understanding lipids; and
• smoking cessation.

Classes meet three times per week with each class lasting one-half hour.

Highly qualified staff, including registered nurses, dietitians, and others, as needed, conduct each class or session

A written referral from your physician is required. Cardiac Rehabilitation is prescribed for patients who:

• have had a heart attack within one year;
• have had coronary bypass surgery;
• have chronic stable angina pectoris;
• have had a heart valve replacement or repair; or
• have had PTCA or stents.

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