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Intensive Care Unit

Waldo County General Hospital in conjunction with Maine Medical Center’s Vital Health Network provides Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients with access to the same state-of-the-art healthcare that is available to patients in Maine Medical Center’s (ICU). This system (known as the E-ICU) immediately expands the horizons of this hospital. It instantly provides us with a highly qualified Intensivist (a physician who specializes in the care of critically ill patients).

The E-ICU enables the physicians and nurses at Waldo County General Hospital to link the care of acutely ill patients with the skills of the Intensivists at Maine Medical Center. This gives us access to an electronic state-of-the-art database to assist in patient management which greatly enhances our ability to treat critically ill patients. This system is designed to support WCGH’s nurses and doctors and in no way replaces the team at WCGH but rather augments the excellent work our local nurses and doctors do everyday. An ICU exists primarily to monitor trends in the care of the sickest patients. The e-ICU allows us to better do that and to implement best practices in a very timely manner.

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