Digital Mammography

Mammography uses a low-dose x-ray for breast examination. Mammography helps your doctor check for early signs of breast cancer. Mammography can show breast tissue changes up to two years before you or your doctor can feel them. Current guidelines from the American Medical Association and the American College of Radiology recommend that beginning at age 40 women receive annual mammograms.

A better picture of the breast.

There are many advantages of digital mammography. The images are clearer, have improved tissue contrast, and offer better visualization of the breast, especially near the skin line, chest wall, and in women with dense breast tissue. Radiologists are able to manipulate the images in order to focus on a particular area of interest. Although breast compression is the same as in a conventional mammography, digital mammography has the capability to generate an image within seconds therefore eliminating the wait time for developing traditional images on film. Digital mammograms take as little as half the time of film and require fewer call backs for re-imaging. Additionally, storage and retrieval of digital studies have greatly improved. There are no lost images. Images can be transferred from the digital environment onto film or CD and these images then can be hand carried or mailed to a patient’s physician.

Able to image diverse shapes and sizes.

This system has the largest field of view currently available and provides physicians with clear and precise digital images. Because this system has the largest field of view, it can be extremely helpful for precision imaging of patients with diverse shapes and sizes. The new digital unit has the capability to meet all the clinical needs from screening and diagnostic, to interventional procedures.

A comfortable experience.

The hospital’s mammography suite was designed with patient comfort in mind. Patients will be escorted into the suite’s changing area and provided with a plush robe (just like one that you might receive at a spa). While waiting for the study to begin, women are able to ease any anxieties in the calming atmosphere of the private waiting area. Patients are encouraged to ask questions or share their anxieties with our certified mammography technologists.

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