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Surgical Services

Waldo County General Hospital has a state-of-the-art surgical suite, including operating rooms and procedure rooms, and a knowledgeable and caring staff. To learn all about what happens in the operating room click here.

Among the specialties of our surgeons are:

* gastrointestinal endoscopies

* colonoscopies

* gallbladders

* hernias

* diagnosis of breast

* endocrine

* thyroid

* hemorrhoids

* gastroscopy

* precancerous and cancerous skin lesions

* varicose veins

* surgical reconstruction of foot/ankle

* joint arthroscopies

* joint replacements-hips, knees and ankles

* hands and wrists,  arms and elbows, and shoulders repairs

* ear, nose and throat, including speech and swallowing problems and reconstructive surgery

* cataracts

* gynecological

* tumors of the kidney and bladder

* prostate cancer


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