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Swing Bed Program

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What is the Swing Bed program?

The Swing Bed program at Waldo County General Hospital is a short term rehabilitation program for those who need to increase their strength and independence prior to returning home from a hospital stay. The Swing Bed Program allows your physician to change or “swing” your care from acute inpatient to short term skilled care. As a Swing patient you receive daily therapy based on your needs to meet self-care, strength and mobility goals,  as well as any nursing goals, set by you and your healthcare team.  The team also assists with all aspects of discharge planning to ensure a safe transition from the hospital back to your home.

Who qualifies for a Swing Bed? stairs 2 finals 2.25

•  You require a “skilled” level of care.

•  You agree to participate in short-term rehabilitation.

•  You plan to be discharged home.

How is Swing Bed care different than acute care?

Acute care is treatment ordered by a physician based on your diagnosis. Swing bed care is rehabilitation provided by an interdisciplinary team to help you reach specific goals for self care. You work with your swing bed team to set and accomplish rehabilitation goals. You wear your own clothes and eat your meals in the activities room.

Who is on the Swing Bed Program Team?

You (the patient) and the following healthcare professionals:

•  Physician

•  Registered Nurse /LPN                                                                                 Swing kinesio final 2.25

•  Swing Bed Coordinator

•  Social Worker

•  Pharmacist

•  Nutritionist

•  Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapist

•  Respiratory Therapist

•  Activities Coordinator

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How is Swing Bed stay paid for?

We will work with your insurer to determine if the Swing Bed Program is a covered benefit for you.

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What are the advantages of receiving your rehabilitation at

Waldo County General Hospital’s Swing Bed Program?

•  All private rooms

•  You will remain in the same facility, often staying in the same room.

•  Low nurse to patient ratios

•  One-on-one Physical and Occupational Therapy sessions.

•  Close physician monitoring.

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Who do I contact for more information?

Call the Swing Bed coordinators at 930-2694 or 338-2500 ext. 4515. They will be glad to talk with you and evaluate if the Swing Bed Program is right for you.

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