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Dental Care


Waldo County Dental Care is offering dental care to individuals who do not have their own dentist and qualify.


To qualify, you must:

  •  not have seen a dentist in the past 12 months

  •  live in Waldo County

  •  meet federal income guidelines

  •  be at least age 18


Qualifying Income Guidelines


Size of Family Unit               Income

  1.                                           $20,790

  2.                                           $28,035

  3.                                           $35,280

  4.                                           $42,525

  5.                                           $49,770

 Each additional person in family unit, add $7,280


 Our Services:

  • dental cleanings

  • x-rays

  • screenings

  • fluoride treatments

  • sealants

  • oral health instruction

  • fillings

  • extractions

  • dentures

  • referrals for dental surgery


 Depending on your income, there is a sliding co-pay of between $20 to $30.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 338-9307. You will be asked questions to make sure you qualify.


Funding for Waldo County Dental Care has come from grants from the Doree Taylor Charitable Foundation, athenahealth, Bank of America, Maine Women’s Fund, Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, United Mid Coast Charities and from Waldo County General Hospital and Pen Bay Medical Center.


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